Friday, 28 of October of 2016

Only Muslims can use the word “Allah”

A court in Malaysia ruled that only Muslims are allowed to use the word “Allah” to describe their God.  The court determined use of that word was not central to any other faith. The word Allah does not appear in the Old or New Testament of the Bible. The reason for this decision is because, “the intended usage will cause unnecessary confusion within the Islamic community and is surely not conducive to the peaceful and harmonious tempo of life in the country.” Concerns have been raised by Muslim groups over whether Christians using the word Allah instead of God will encourage Muslims to convert to Christianity.

Seriously? I have been unable to find the penalty that would be bestowed upon a non-Muslim for using the word Allah.  But, one can assume it would be consistent with most punishments under Sharia law and include barbaric physical harm for the perpetrator – lashes or stoning maybe. If Muslims are so easily persuade to convert to Christianity that using the word Allah will seal the deal, it’s possible the problem isn’t with the word but the religion.

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