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I, for one, did not know Steve Harvey was such an asshole

One of the scariest things about religion to me is that it hides within our minds, infecting our intelligence and diminishing our ability to think logically. Like the “Yeerks” from the Animorphs book series, or Invasion of the Body Snatchers, religion is a dangerous force that works its way into unsuspecting bodies, steals minds, takes control of otherwise normal people, destroys families and entire cultures, and seeks to spread across our tiny planet in hopes of one day taking over the world. I could compare religion to dandelions; sure, they may look nice from far away, but get closer and you will realize its really a pesky weed looking to infest your yard and multiply beyond control. “Religion”  is nothing more than a fancy word for choosing to ignore common sense, scientific knowledge, and the unified prosperity of our species.

That’s why I am always so fascinated to discover someone I thought was a well-liked, normal person is actually a religious zealot. Celebrities, in particular, are worth examining simply because of their influence on our culture. It’s very important to realize that someone you may like (or even love) could be hiding deeply disturbing (and often dangerous) religious notions. It’s one thing to keep the crazy deep down inside of us where no one will ever see it; everyone does that to some degree. But then there are those who spout their religious nonsense on any platform and at any opportunity they’re given. We’ve all seen Fox News by now. After so long, you come to expect the crazy from certain people. But sometimes the crazy stays hidden from the mainstream, lurking just below the surface, only to pop up here and there sparingly. That’s why I want to shed some light on those you may not have known were crazy.

Enter Steve Harvey. Yes, that Steve Harvey: actor, comedian, daytime television entertainer and host of the Family Feud gameshow. As a 26 year old white male, I can’t say I knew much about the 56 year old black entertainer. The extent of my knowledge on the man was that he was always on TV, probably since I was born, and always seemed like a funny and likable person. I’m not a Family Feud fan, but the short clips I saw on TV looked like a lot of fun. That was how I knew Steve Harvey: he’s that fun, likable guy on TV. During one of my journeys across the internet, I stumbled onto a video entitled “Shit Steve Harvey Says”. Boy was I in for a treat.



Broderek “Steve” Harvey is a very, very stupid man. For one thing, he seems to think the word barometer means something other than “a scientific tool used to measure atmospheric pressure, i.e. the weather.” I think what he means to say is “moral COMPASS” but wanted to use a more intelligent sounding word. I can’t blame him for wanting to sound smart, because boy some of the shit he says is dumb. Just check out what he told Joy Behar during an interview with her back in 2009.


Steve displays a confusion common among Christians (and other religious zealots) over how exactly an atheist can be a good person without the “moral barometer” of God in their life. What he, and many others, don’t seem to understand is that not only is the Bible (and God) not fit to be considered anything remotely resembling a good moral compass, but also that atheists hold themselves to much higher standards than any modern God would condone. What seems like common sense good behavior to most atheists (gems such as: Women are equal to men, its okay to be gay, and not to kill others) are sadly often lost on the religious demographic, simply because an archaic and inaccurate history book says so.



Steve and his kind are sadly more confused than anything. When you’re told something is right, true, and good  your entire life of course there is going to be fear and confusion (and unfortunately all too often, hatred and violence) when you encounter those with differing beliefs. No, Steve, we atheists are not idiots. It’s just the opposite, in fact. Belief in a god has absolutely nothing to do with a person’s inner goodness. I get that Steve and his kind like their worlds simple, so I will make it extremely simple for them and answer Steve’s question: “As an atheist, you’re basing your goodness and morality on what?”

It’s called common sense, Steve. Something a lot of people in your camp don’t seem to have.

Belief in a god does not amount to some kind of moral monopoly that these religious folks tend to think it does. Because that seems to be the point Steve so frequently likes to fall back on, I will end this article with a few more choice quotes from Steve himself. As you read them, ask yourself this: Does any of this sound like something someone with a good and decent “moral barometer” would say?  

“Why do men cheat? It’s really because there’s so many women out there willing to cheat with them.”

“He knows your not sincere, he knows you’re not really interested in the [football] game. You’re just trying to figure out why he’s picking sports over you.”

“If a man is interested in only one thing, its best for him to go for shallow, unintelligent women.”

“All of my friends are men. I don’t have female friends. I don’t, I’m incapable of that.”

Don’t take my word for it though. Watch the video and see for yourself, in Steve’s own sexist, moronic, homophobic words.


You know Steve, I don’t think I’d like talking to you, either.

Mitchell Olson is a writer in Minnesota. His debut novel, Devil Ash Days, is currently available on Amazon for $0.99. A sequel novel is planned for release in December. You can learn more about the series at Devil Ash

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