Sunday, 23 of October of 2016

One-year anniversary of Pope Francis’ papacy and the verdict is in: He is a prick!

This week marks the one-year anniversary of the papacy of Pope Francis. Since assuming his role as the Vicar of Christ, the current Pope has received widespread praise for some of his remarks from believers and non-believers alike and has revitalized congregations across the world. Why that is has largely escaped me. The moral arch of the 21st century has bent so far towards greater social equality that his remarks are nothing short of banal at this point. Who cares that he has said that homosexuals deserve to be treated with respect and love. What morally sane and well-adjusted person couldn’t figure that out for themselves? He still believes that homosexual practices are immoral and is adamantly against gay marriage. In other words, the acts of love committed by homosexual couples and the entire essence of who they are makes them immoral abominations, but just be sure to treat them like normal people if you see them out on the street. He has also remained in line with the Vatican on the issue of abortion and has made attempts to curtail abortion legislation in Ireland and requested bishops in his home country of Argentina to invoke the Aparecida Document to deny Catholic politicians communion if they go against the church’s teachings. I’d call that spiritual blackmail.


il mio papaThis Pope has been all cheap talk about improving the church, but so far he has taken very little action. But I guess that’s to be expected. The current Pope wasn’t brought in to make changes to the Vatican, he was brought in as a makeover change for the Vatican. In June 2012 the Vatican hired former Fox News correspondent Greg Burke to be their senior communications adviser. Because when you need to spin some shit, who better to recruit than a Fox News correspondent. But trying to spin Pope Benedict’s image into one that conjures up respect and admiration was clearly something even a miracle couldn’t fix, and I can only speculate that once they realized that Benedict’s image couldn’t be resurrected, the idea that the Vatican needed a new pontiff was set in motion. And it remains continuously obvious that this PR spin for the Vatican has worked. So much so that this week has seen the launch of a weekly magazine dedicated entirely to Pope Francis titled Il Mio Papa, which is Italian for My Pope.


But let us review the primary reason why the Catholic Church and the Vatican and Pope Benedict were viewed so unfavorably before. Children were being raped. A lot. It was then decided by the scum of the Earth that they would protect the priests that were guilty of rape, instead of the children who were victims of rape. They further humiliated the victims and their families by trying to cover the incidences up instead of providing reparations. So has any of that changed in the year since His Holiness has reigned?


In January the UN finally made inquiries into the Holy See and addressed them about the systematic cover-up of the rape of children. UN’s Committee on the Rights of the Child has made requests to the Holy See to hand over files that had concealed the crimes of clergymen in order so that they may be held accountable. The Holy See, which is a signatory to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, refused to hand over any files or data to the UN and continued to abdicate their responsibilities by claiming that it was the responsibilities of the countries to prosecute offenders within their jurisdiction. Suspiciously quiet about the whole ordeal, Pope Francis finally weighed in last week on the UN’s inquiry, claiming that no other organization has done more to root out pedophilia than the Catholic Church. Well fuck you Francis, that is a blatant lie. And the lies continued as he went on further to say that “The Catholic Church is perhaps the only public institution to have acted with transparency and responsibility … Yet the Church is the only one to have been attacked.” Oh that’s it you self-righteous fuck, now I’m really pissed. Let me repeat. Clergymen have raped thousands of children all across the world. The penises of these men that are in a position of power have been fucking underage mouths, vaginas and anuses, and this Pope has the gall to act as though the Vatican is being unfairly treated? If he really believed that the Catholic Church had been so transparent and complicit, he would let the UN committee view every single file that they request.


It’s important to remember that Pope Francis is not simply just the spiritual leader of the Catholic Church; he is the leader of a sovereign state, one that continues to cover up and protect child rapists. Try to imagine your reaction, or the global reaction, if it were revealed that US President Barack Obama was protecting US congressmen who had been accused of raping children. Then try imagining that in spite of that a weekly magazine was devoted to fetishizing him simply because he had made some morally banal statements in the past. But if you’re able to call yourself the Vicar of Christ, people will give you a free pass for just about anything.





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